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Buying a Property

Your purchase of a home will probably be the largest single investment of your life. To protect that investment, it is important that you work with knowledgeable professionals at each stage of the buying process.

As you shop for your property, it is important for you to liaise with all of the professionals who will have a role in the transaction, not just your agent, but your lender, solicitor and valuer if necessary. We can direct you to the very best in these areas, so you make the right decisions at the end of the day.

Tired of looking for your dream home? 
Let a Buyers Consultant do the hard work for you.

What a Buyers Consultant can do for you:

  • Listens to you to ascertain your real estate needs.
  • Helps you ascertain a comfortable level of borrowing and give you access to lending organisations.
  • Provides you with a comprehensive list of suitable properties.
  • Arranges inspections of suitable properties.
  • Provides advice on property values, trends, investment potential, finance options and legal requirements
  • Provides access to specialists for the arrangement of finance, legal requirements, registered valuations and insurance.
  • Uses her experience to take much of the stress out of the buying process. 

Make Your Wish List:

Focus on the features you want in a home: 2 bedrooms or 3? 1 bath or 2? Garage or no garage? Knowing what you are looking for will help you focus your search. And it will help your real estate agent too

Now you can really begin house-hunting!

Your real estate agent will be able to find listings for you, based on your wish list.


What are you looking for in a property? We can help!